Dubai's Jebel Ali port, constructed in the 1970s, has the largest man-made harbour in the world and was ranked seventh globally for the volume of container traffic it supports. [228][229][230] Annual entertainment events such as the Dubai Shopping Festival[231] (DSF) and Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) attract over 4 million visitors from across the region and generate revenues in excess of $2.7 billion. The port was inaugurated on 5 October 1972, although its berths were each pressed into use as soon as they had been built. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) covers an area of around 83,600 square km (32,300 square miles) in the Arabian Peninsula. Atlantis, The Palm. Hatta, a minor exclave of the emirate, is surrounded on three sides by Oman and by the emirates of Ajman (in the west) and Ras Al Khaimah (in the north). [137] Dubai is also a hub for service industries such as information technology and finance, with industry-specific free zones throughout the city. An indicator of the growing importance of the port of Dubai can be gained from the movements of the steamer of the Bombay and Persia Steam Navigation Company, which from 1899 to 1901 paid five visits annually to Dubai. Archived Editions. Those migrant workers had to rely on food donations and stayed hungry without the help of charities, while they waited for work and to get paid. [65] Dubai summers are also known for the very high humidity level, which can make it very uncomfortable for many with exceptionally high dew points in summer. Latest addition to the water transport system is the Water Taxi.[226]. The decision was to pitch the coastal emirates, together with Qatar and Bahrain, into fevered negotiations to fill the political vacuum that the British withdrawal would leave behind. [268], Dubai has a very active education regulator, the KHDA, which is best known for its school ratings, but actually has a wide mandate[269] when it comes to school improvement in the emirate. [125] The Constitution of the United Arab Emirates provides for freedom of religion. Dubai enacted an Electronic Transactions and Commerce Law in 2002 which deals with digital signatures and electronic registers. Dubai has a wide range of parks like Safa park, Mushrif park, Hamriya park, etc. Many were trapped in desperate situations in crowded labor camps with no salary or any other financial source. [251] Censorship is common in Dubai and used by the government to control content that it believes violates the cultural and political sensitivities of Emirates. [121] English is used as a second language. It was opened in September 2009. [221], A tramway located in Al Sufouh, will run for 14.5 km (9.0 mi) along Al Sufouh Road from Dubai Marina to the Burj Al Arab and the Mall of the Emirates with two interchanges with Dubai Metro's Red Line. It is one of three planned islands called the Palm Islands which extend into the Persian Gulf. [275] In 2015, Dubai phased in mandatory health insurance for all inhabitants, thereby leading to increased demand for medical services.[276]. Fujairah, United Arab Emirates … [218] UK-based international service company Serco is responsible for operating the metro. These were constructed by the Chicago Bridge and Iron Company, which gave the beach its local name (Chicago Beach), which was transferred to the Chicago Beach Hotel, which was demolished and replaced by the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in the late 1990s. UAE labour minister Ali al-Kaabi said: "Labourers will be allowed to form unions. [184], Dubai is trying to build an inclusive, barrier-free and a disabled-friendly city by the time it hosts Expo 2020. [8] It is also a major global transport hub for passengers and cargo. Dubai signed the General Maritime Treaty of 1820 along with other Trucial States, following the British punitive expedition against Ras Al Khaimah of 1819, which also led to the bombardment of the coastal communities of the Persian Gulf. Dubai Creek runs northeast–southwest through the city. [197][198], Transport in Dubai is controlled by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), an agency of the government of Dubai, formed by royal decree in 2005. Welcome to DocuStream. There are more than 3000 taxis operating within the emirate making an average of 192,000 trips every day, carrying about 385,000 persons. [11] It is estimated that Dubai produces 50,000 to 70,000 barrels (7,900 to 11,100 m3) of oil a day[133] and substantial quantities of gas from offshore fields. 2 December 2005, On the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Legal System. [163] [164], Tourism is an important part of the Dubai government's strategy to maintain the flow of foreign cash into the emirate. This is a list of communities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hotel website. The first section, a 10.6 km (6.6 mi) long tram line which serves 11 stations, was opened in 2014. Dubai is positioned at 25°16′11″N 55°18′34″E / 25.26… There is a sizeable community of Somalis numbering around 30,000, as well as other communities of various nationalities. East of the city, the salt-crusted coastal plains, known as sabkha, give way to a north–south running line of dunes. Dubai is also known as the City of Gold because a major part of the economy is based on gold trades, with Dubai's total gold trading volumes in H1 2011 reaching 580 tonnes, with an average price of US$1,455 per troy ounce. The territorial waters of the Emirate … Our Business Class Lounge on Concourse B at Dubai International airport is open with temporarily modified services. Free parking. Free parking. [258], The school system in Dubai follows that of the United Arab Emirates. Making a call with the wrong country, area, or region code can be costly. Examples of Indian curriculum schools include The Indian High School, DPS, DMHS. A visitor can check out the architectural features of the outside as well as the inside of each house. [59], Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates and is roughly at sea level (16 m or 52 ft above). [118] There are over 100,000 British expatriates in Dubai, by far the largest group of Western expatriates in the city. [123], Article 7 of the UAE's Provisional Constitution declares Islam the official state religion of the UAE. #2 Best Value of 1,385 places to stay in Dubai. 4 reviews. Between 1968 and 1975 the city's population grew by over 300%. Five times every day, Muslims are called to prayer from the minarets of mosques which are scattered around the country. [207], The Public Bus Transport system in Dubai is run by the RTA. The Emirate of Dubai (Arabic: إمارة دبيّ‎; pr. In 1902 the company's vessels made 21 visits to Dubai and from 1904 on,[31] the steamers called fortnightly – in 1906, trading seventy thousand tonnes of cargo. [3] The region covers 1,287.5 square kilometres (497.1 sq mi). Dubai maintained its importance as a trade route through the 1970s and 1980s. [58] Dubai provided refuelling bases to allied forces at the Jebel Ali Free Zone during the Gulf War, and again during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. Dubai has been ruled by the Al Maktoum family since 1833; the emirate is a constitutional monarchy. A Blue and a Purple Line have also been planned. [38], BOAC was originally reluctant to start regular flights between Bombay and Dubai, fearing a lack of demand for seats. During the summer seasons from late May to September when the climate can get extremely hot with an average high of about 40 °C (104 °F), the garden stays closed. [232][233], Dubai is known for its nightlife. The Burj Al Arab (Arabic: برج العرب, Tower of the Arabs), a luxury hotel, is frequently described as "the world's only 7-star", though its management has never made that claim but has claimed to be a “five-star deluxe property.” The term "7-star hotel" was coined by a British journalist to describe their initial experience of the hotel. [51] The two agreed to work towards bringing the other emirates, including Qatar and Bahrain, into the union. We're not encouraging the use of the term. Abu Dhabi is also a major tourist attraction state where most peo… 1 Spans the conventional boundary between Asia and another continent. [93], On 3 September 2020, The Guardian reported that hundreds of thousands of migrant workers lost their jobs and were left stranded in Dubai, due to oil price crash and COVID-19. Dubai Creek played a vital role in sustaining the life of the community in the city and was the resource which originally drove the economic boom in Dubai. [235], The International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA), the world's leading events trade association, has crowned Dubai as IFEA World Festival and Event City, 2012 in the cities category with a population of more than one million. The seventh emirate, Ras Al Khaimah, joined the UAE on 10 February 1972, following Iran's annexation of the RAK-claimed Tunbs islands. Dubai is the second largest emirate with an area of 4,114sq. [25], An early mention of Dubai is in 1095 in the Book of Geography by the Andalusian-Arab geographer Abu Abdullah al-Bakri. The project was an outstanding success, with shipping queuing to access the new facilities. By the beginning of the 20th century, it was an important port. [43], Throughout the 1960s Dubai was the centre of a lively gold trade, with 1968 imports of gold at some £56 million. [146], A City Mayors survey ranked Dubai 44th among the world's best financial cities in 2007,[147] while another report by City Mayors indicated that Dubai was the world's 27th richest city in 2012, in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). These policies saw a movement of merchants not only directly from Lingeh,[30] but also those who had settled in Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah (which had historical links with Lingeh through the Al Qawasim tribe) to Dubai. Groups that do not have their own buildings are allowed to use the facilities of other religious organisations or worship in private homes. [150], In 2012, the Global City Competitiveness Index by the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Dubai at No. [215], The development of Al Maktoum International Airport (IATA: DWC) was announced in 2004. Currently only the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai claims to offer parallel streams in different languages - bi-lingual English/French or English/ German. Explore Dubai's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset. The Indian Premier League 2020 will be held in UAE from 19 September to 10 November. Estimates at the time put the volume of gold imports from Dubai to India at around 75% of the total market. [112], As of 2013[update], only about 15% of the population of the emirate was made up of UAE nationals,[113] with the rest comprising expatriates, many of whom either have been in the country for generations or were born in the UAE. Imārat Dubayy) is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The Persian Gulf borders the western coast of the emirate. Various types of turtles can also be found in the area including the hawksbill turtle and green turtle, which are listed as endangered species.[62][63]. The first field was named 'Fateh' or 'good fortune'. The statistics also indicated that murder crimes dropped from 0.5 in 2016 to 0.3 in 2017 for every 100,000 population, while violent and aggressive crimes in the past 5 years went from 2.2 crimes per 100,000 and dropped to 1.2 by the end of 2017, pointed out Al Mansouri. [158] It was reported that in order to bolster its finances and overcome the impact of coronavirus on its economy, Dubai was in talks to raise billions of dollars of debt privately, where it was seeking loans of 1 billion dirhams ($272 million) to 2 billion dirhams from each lender. [55] Border disputes between the emirates continued even after the formation of the UAE; it was only in 1979 that a formal compromise was reached that ended disagreements. [44], In 1966, more gold was shipped from London to Dubai than almost anywhere else in the world (only France and Switzerland took more), at 4 million ounces. According to its 2013 research report on the future competitiveness of cities, in 2025, Dubai will have moved up to 23rd place overall in the Index. The first phase of the airport, featuring one A380 capable runway, 64 remote stands, one cargo terminal with annual capacity for 250,000 tonnes of cargo and a passenger terminal building designed to accommodate five million passengers per year, has been opened. [185], Dubai has a rich collection of buildings and structures of various architectural styles. According to the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security, petty theft, pickpocketing, scams, and sexual harassment still occur although they are usually not violent and weapons are not involved. [171] As of September 2013[update], Dubai creek has been proposed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. [99], As per Gulf News, Dubai Police stated that the crime in Dubai is reduced by fifteen percent during 2017. American University in Dubai is one of the six UAE universities featured in QS World University Rankings 2014/2015. Dubai. Special offer. This gold was, in the vast majority, re-exported - mainly to customers who took delivery in international waters off India. Non-Muslims do not appear before the Sharia Court. [187], The completion of the Khalifa Tower, following the construction boom that began in the 1980s, accelerated in the 1990s, and took on a rapid pace of construction during the decade of the 2000s, leaves Dubai with the world's tallest skyline as of 4 January 2010[update]. The network has an Internet bandwidth of 7.5 Gbit/s with capacity of 49 STM1 links. [205], Five main routes – E 11 (Sheikh Zayed Road), E 311 (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road), E 44 (Dubai-Hatta Highway), E 77 (Dubai-Al Habab Road) and E 66 (Oud Metha Road, Dubai-Al Ain Road, or Tahnoun Bin Mohammad Al Nahyan Road)[206] – run through Dubai, connecting the city to other towns and emirates. [252] Homosexuality, drugs, and the theory of evolution are generally considered taboo. Dar Al Khaleej, Al Bayan and Al Ittihad are the city's largest circulating Arabic language newspapers,[248] while Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Khaleej Mag and 7days are the largest circulating English newspapers. [10] A centre for regional and international trade since the early 20th century, Dubai's economy relies on revenues from trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services. [136], By 2014, China had emerged as Dubai's largest international trading partner, with a total of $47.7 billion in trade flows, up 29% from 2013. AREA 2071 is a physical manifestation of this vision with the sole purpose of creating positive global impact. Dubai also has multiple gorges and waterholes, which dot the base of the Western Al Hajar mountains. During the 1970s, Dubai continued to grow from revenues generated from oil and trade, even as the city saw an influx of immigrants fleeing the Lebanese civil war. A longer-term assessment of Dubai's property market, however, showed depreciation; some properties lost as much as 64% of their value from 2001 to November 2008. The inland exclave of Hatta is located about 134 km east of Dubai City. The gold imported from Sudan by Kaloti was from the mines controlled by militias responsible for war crimes and human rights violations in the country. [262] Currently, 15 schools[263] have introduced the IB Career-related Programme that can be combined with a vocational qualification such as a BTEC. Much of Dubai's real-estate boom is concentrated to the west of Dubai Creek, on the Jumeirah coastal belt. The owner of seven hotels in the country, including the Waldorf Astoria on the man-made island Palm Jumeirah, Habtoor stated that Dubai's economy cannot afford to wait for the vaccine, before resuming the major activities. We've never used it in our advertising. Most days are sunny throughout the year. The festival was designed to showcase the variety of flavours and cuisines on offer in Dubai featuring the cuisines of over 200 nationalities at the festival. [41], In 1962 the British Political Agent noted that "Many new houses and blocks of offices and flats are being built... the Ruler is determined, against advice [from the British] to press on with the construction of a jet airport... More and more European and Arab firms are opening up and the future looks bright. p.157, The Middle East and North Africa. In May 2013, Dubai Expo 2020 Master Plan was revealed. Desert hyacinths grow in the sabkha plains east of the city, while acacia and ghaf trees grow in the flat plains within the proximity of the Western Al Hajar mountains. [134] Real estate and construction (22.6%),[13] trade (16%), entrepôt (15%) and financial services (11%) are the largest contributors to Dubai's economy. Water bus is a fully air conditioned boat service across selected destinations across the creek. [136], Historically, Dubai and its twin across Dubai Creek, Deira (independent of Dubai City at that time), were important ports of call for Western manufacturers. 2,645,581. The delegation from the Bureau International des Expositions, which visited Dubai in February 2013 to examine the Emirate's readiness for the largest exposition, was impressed by the infrastructure and the level of national support.

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